How to Write Precis – Tips & Strategies

How to Write Precis - Tips & Strategies

How to Write Precis – Tips & Strategies

Today we are presenting you a short note on How to Write Precis – Tips & Strategies. Every competitive main examinations routinely have a Precis Writing test as part of the English section of the test. This comprises about 10-15 marks in all.

Precis is a French word. Its translation in English is ‘Precise’ It is the best method of giving only the essence of a given lengthy passage. The object of precis writing is to test the ability of a candidate to understand a given passage and then write it in concise its essence in chaste, clear and effective style. The candidate must be competent to leave all the unnecessary sentences or material which are not relevant to be recalled in the passage.

Generally in precis writing we have to find out the central idea or central theme of the paragraph. But we do not have to change the chronology of the sentence and thoughts of mentioned paragraph. We have to precis the mentioned paragraph in 1/3 or in 1/5 words.

We have heard some FAQ for competitive exams like SSC regarding precis writing like
(1) Is precis writing tough?
(2) How can we prepare?
(3) How can we write?
(4) Are there any rules?
(5) Is there any easy method or not?

How to Write Precis?

1. First of all give the title of mentioned paragraph. Title should be the echo of mentioned paragraph. Innovative title or question mark in title gives good benefit.
Example: Education System. Is it in right way?

2. Don’t give title is this form. Title: Education System. Is it in right way? Means don’t give title of title.
But do like this: Education System. Is it in right way?

How to write Precis in competitive exams like SSC?

Now interesting point is that the question paper asks us do precis of given paragraph in 1/3 or 1/5.
Question is that the 1/3 or 1/5 of whose?
Generally we understand that we have to do 1/3 or 1/5 of sentences.

If your answer is that then you are totally wrong.
How to write precis?
In exam we have seen the paragraph and we try to do 1/3 or 1/5 of the sentences.

Really it is a “Dangerous” belief. Totally wrong belief.
In real we have to do the 1/3 or 1/5 of the words, not of the sentences.

How? Let’s see.

How to write precis?
1. First of all count the words of mentioned paragraph.
2. For example there are 150 words in the paragraph. If we have to do 1/3 then we have to complete the precis in approx 50 words.
3. Now our precis must be around in 50 words.
4. Friends, remember we have to calculate words for precis. Not sentences.

Important Rules for Step by Step Precis Writing

1. Calculate words. Not sentences.
2. Remove proverb, sentences which are written in inverted comas, quotes, sayings from the paragraph.
3. Also remove the words which are mentioned in comas, like Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, instead of it when we do precis, we have to write rivers.
4. Read mentioned paragraph minimum 3 times.
5. Identify the words or thoughts which are repeated in paragraph.
6. Find out the central idea of the paragraph through repeat words,

Master Keys of Precis Writing

1. Master key of the precis writing is just change the word and remove the words.
2. Don’t write same to same words in answer but write synonym of the mentioned words.

Our country is very different than other countries. There are many religions like hindu, muslim, shikh parsis are in our country. There is a social diversity in our country. In spite of they are living as a family.

The precis of above paragraph is
The unity of Indians is an ideal for everyone.

See, We have removed hindu, muslim, shikh parsis and instead of it we have written Indian.

Important rules for step by step precis writing

1. Just use synonym of the words.
2. While doing precis writing remember that don’t break the continuity of the paragraph.
3. Remember: Always do precis writing in third person singular or plural.

When I went in function, I really dame pleased. In function we have done the give and take of thoughts. Every dignitary have shared their views in function. When they shared their thoughts, I have felt my limitation.
When Pappu will do precis of above mentioned paragraph. He will write.
In the event during the discussion I have understood my limitation.

Pappu, don’t do like this.
We have to write.
The author, instead of I, and this is third person singular. Got it?


In SSC when we go for precis writing, attend this question in last.
First attend other question and last do it.
If you remember these points, we firmly say that you can get maximum marks in competitive exams like SSC CGL & CHSL.

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